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The Chronique de Charles VII, Roi de France is self-translated redaction of Jean Chartier's Chronique latine inédit de Charles VII, roi de France. It was written at the Abbey of Saint-Denis outside Paris and completed in late 1461 prior to Chartier losing his status as royal historiographer. The chronicle is based on numerous primary sources, although the specific sources are not entirely known. Despite the Dionysian origin of this chronicle, it focuses heavily on the military and political activities of the royal court rather than the specific history of the abbey or the Church.

Extant Transcriptions

Only one print transcription of the chronicle exists in three volumes under the name Chronique de Charles VII roi de France par Jean Chartier, nouvelle édition, revue sur les manuscrits. Suivie de divers Fragmens inédits. Publiée avec Notes, Notices et Éclaircissemens. The transcription was printed in 1858 by Auguste Vallet de Viriville, who notes in his introduction that his transcription is an amalgamation of multiple original and early print copies of the chronicle. Viriville includes at the beginning a modern French translation of the original prologue to the Latin chronicle.

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